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Mount Hanang
Mount Hanang

Mount Hanang


Hanang District is situated in Manyara region, about 242 km south west of Arusha. Mount Hanang, standing at 3418m, is the fourth highest mountain in Tanzania and a dominant landmark in Hanang district.

This district is inhabited by the two major ethnic groups, namely the Barbaig and the Iraqw. The Barbaig are ethnically classified as Nilotes where as the Iraqw are referred to as southern Cushites. Both of them have rich and interesting culture. The Barbaig women are usually clad in goatskin skirts and cotton blanket. Men are usually dressed in black cloth, and they walk about carrying spears. The Iraqw people are usually attire in colorful cotton blankets.

The main economic activities in Hanang district is subsistence and commercial farming. This is predominantly practiced by the Iraqw. The Barbaigs are predominantly pastoralists. The Iraqw also keep livestock though they are not highly dependent on them as the Barbaigs.


Birdlife: There are a large number of birds life.

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