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Spicy Island of Zanzibar


Although Zanzibar and its neighbouring tropical island of Pemba do not have reserve or park status, they are worth mentioning here for the aquatic life, some rare primates and a fascinating history. Zanzibar is a common post-safari destination that adds a relaxing, exotic element to a hectic holiday.

These islands lie at the top of Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coastline, which over the centuries have been influenced by numerous cultures which have blended together to create the Zanzibar of today. The confusing mix originates from an African Asian combination created by a touch of Persian, Arabian, Indian and Chinese influences with some Dutch, Portuguese and English thrown in for good measure. Slaves and spices made these islands famous.

Shirazi Persians and Omani Arabs settled and ruled the Zanzibar Sultanate, which explains the Arab influences and Muslim religion which endures today. Heavily carved and studded Zanzibar doors relieve the plain exteriors of many houses, many of which are peeling and dishevelled. The Indian influence produced coloured glasswork and ornamental fretwork balconies and today Gujarat traders sell just about anything from cloves to curios. The English legacy is a number of solid imperial buildings occupying the more select parts of The Stone Town. The islands conjure up everything one could want from a tropical escape. Spectacular beaches, simple fishing villages, relaxing resorts, silence and solitude if you wish or the hustle and bustle in the narrow streets of an ancient town.


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